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Brexit could see the price of a pint falling by more than 20p if Britain seizes the opportunity to lift costly EU regulations on pubs, campaigners say.The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) wants duty on draught beers sold in pubs rather than supermarkets to be cut and a smaller bill for lower-strength pints.Mr Martin agreed, saying: ‘Pubs pay about 18p per pint as business rates and supermarkets only 2p.'Pubs also pay 20% VAT on food sales, whereas supermarkets pay nothing.'He has previously noted that his chain is 'not eligible' for Mr Hammond's rates discount and told Mail Online he faces paying £8,000 more per pub each year.These measures would currently need the approval of the European Commission, which has not updated its directive on excise duty since 1992.CAMRA’s General Election manifesto, revealed exclusively by Mail Online, also calls on prospective MPs to reduce VAT on licensed premises and cut business rates.The IEA says we should adopt a policy of unilateral free trade once we leave the protectionist bloc which makes goods such as South African oranges more expensive with high tariffs.

Draught beers below 2.8% alcohol receive a 50% duty discount, but CAMRA wants this raised to 3.5% to take into account the strength of pints at an average pub.But collectors have been scrambling to buy the currency after it emerged that the Royal Mint made an error when producing tens of thousands of 20p pieces earlier this year.EBay has been inundated with coins for sale as those who have found them attempt to cash in.The group thinks politicians should encourage people to drink in well-managed pubs rather than buying beer from supermarkets to have at home or on the street.It points to recent research by Oxford University which found people who visit pubs have more friends, are happier and feel more engaged with their communities.

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