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It led me to turn to outside sources to try and fill the hole that only my parents and God could fill.

Yes, God is the ultimate fulfillment but your parents also play a huge role in who you are and who you become. As relationships went on and I dated guy after guy (which most were long term) I developed a back bone after each one ended.

On another episode he featured young men from his mentoring program.

We’re constantly told that the secret to happiness can be ours if only we fix X, Y, Z (our beach-body/dating technique/sex-moves etc.) It’s to the point where many of us feel like we’re kept in a perpetual state of insecurity.

Give yourself time to feel all the feelings and then let them go.

As one of my favourite quotes from Muhammad Ali goes, “Ain’t nothing wrong with going down.

Here’s the truth: you’re absolutely perfect and worthy of love, just the way you are.

If someone doesn’t see this, give yourself permission to send them packing. It’s okay to get knocked down – just don’t stay down. These are all natural reactions to romantic disappointment.

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