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While men generally tend to pursue extra marital relations for their own satisfaction, women are far more likely to have an affair as an act of revenge.

Women claimed that revenge was a motive for their cheating in 14 per cent of cases.

But it does eventually acquaint them with an actuality that can be as stark as it is painful; this world has not made reality the same for you and your comrades.

In my old neighborhood, I was frequently one of the taller kids in my entire grade, which meant as one of only five Black boys in the entire school, I was routinely treated as being older than I was.

The few times I got incensed, school administrators (and once, even the police) were called to attempt to restrain me.

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Wholly refusing to inhibit my personality and my comfort, to satiate an implicit societal understanding – and meeting, as well as dating, women who feel the exact same way. As a man who is wholly committed to jumping the broom and eventually having my own family, I refuse to date a woman who believes that respectability politics and internally impeding one’s natural self (or worst, fusing their natural self together with that respectability, through the flame of white security) is the best way for Black folks to live.

So I had to be cognizant of how I acted in every scenario.

When my white friends would get upset, other parents outside of the school would attempt to calm them down.

The study asked 290 Canadian students aged 17-30 to complete three questionnaires.

One measured how competitive the participants are towards members of the same sex, especially in terms of access to the attention of potential mates.

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