Dating a bosnian

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Most of the farmland is in the northern part of the country. estimate of the population in July 2000 was 3,835,777; however, that figure is not reliable as a result of dislocations and deaths from military activity and ethnic cleansing.

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There are around 4 million Bosnians in Bosnia, out of which around 47% are Bosniaks, 38% are Serbs and 15% are Croats.

Go to Bosnian Beauties Directory Therefore, when talking about Bosnian women we are actually talking about Bosniak women, Serbian women and Croatian women.

It is for this reason that here you will find beautiful Bosnian girls from all three ethnic groups.

Herzegovina, which borders Croatia, has historically had a Croat majority. Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian are virtually identical; the distinction among them is a matter of identity politics.

Serbians write their language in the Cyrillic alphabet, whereas Croatian and Bosnian use the Latin script.

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