Dating violence interview questions

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You need to ask a bunch of follow-up questions (what was the biggest challenge with that? That said, though, my hunch from your letter is that your COO isn’t doing it this way. Should my friend get a recommendation from the hiring manager’s lawn guy?

I’d like to help the company; it is a nonprofit that does some good work, while also struggling to meet the needs of employees.I’ve never been sent interview questions in advance and asked a few friends who have also never had this experience.Is this a standard practice I just haven’t come across?For me, it seems like a terrible way to get a good feel for someone.I definitely wouldn’t send all your questions in advance, but doing it with with a few key questions can be a useful way to get more thoughtful answers — especially if you’re (a) interviewing relatively junior people who don’t have a lot of experience interviewing and will otherwise be scrambling to think of answers to “tell me about a time when…” questions on the spot or (b) interviewing senior people and want to see how they handle complicated questions that benefit from deeper advance thinking.

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