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Gunkel classified the psalms into various categories or types (Germ.

They were usually the first verse in the Hebrew Bible. As with some of the added and updated material in the historical books, the Holy Spirit evidently led editors to add material that the original writer did not include. There is some difference in the numbering of the psalms among versions.The English translators transliterated the Greek title resulting in the title "Psalms" in English Bibles.The texts of the individual psalms do not usually indicate who wrote them.The writer of most of the first 72 psalms (Books 1 and 2 of our modern editions) was David. In synthetic parallelism, the second line explains or expands the thought expressed in the first line (e.g., 1:1; 19:7-9; Prov. When the second line completes the thought of the first line, we have climactic parallelism (e.g., 29:1; 96:7).Editors may have added those by Asaph and Korah's descendants (Pss. Seventeen psalms after Psalm 72 claim that David wrote them. In emblematic parallelism, the first line contains a figure of speech, and the following lines expand or explain the figure (e.g., 1:3).

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