Gabonese dating

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The final word eventually came yesterday afternoon from Gabon's prime minister Jean Eyeghe Ndong, who confirmed the president had died of a cardiac arrest in a Barcelona hospital.

This was just hours after the same official had held a press conference at the clinic to say he had seen his president "alive and well".

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The death of President Omar Bongo in a Spanish hospital yesterday brings an era of African history to an end.

Belgian model and singer, Fanny Neguesha, who broke off her 18-month engagement with footballer Mario Balotelli in 2014, due to his excessive jealousy, is now dating Gabonese footballer, Mario Lemina.

Mario Lemina 23, who became Southampton’s record signing after joining the English club from Juventus for £15.4million earlier this month, unveiled the beautiful model on his Instagram account.

gabonese dating-42

gabonese dating-42

"He was a great figure of Africa," a "man who had influence", said French Defence Minister Hervé Morin when told of his death.He shared a picture of the Belgian beauty stroking his beard, as they smile broadly for a selfie.While the 27-year-old model also reciprocated the same gesture by sharing the photo with her fans on Instagram.France without Gabon is like a car with no fuel," is how the former French air force lieutenant liked to describe the bond.When French oil giant ELF was looking for a base of operations in the 1970s, Mr Bongo made sure it was Gabon to which they turned first.

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