Is diablo cody dating mason novick

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She and Reitman are set to re-team on the upcoming feature film “Tully,” starring Charlize Theron.Brennan is represented by WME and attorney Amy Nickin; Cody is represented by WME, MXN Entertainment’s Mason Novick and attorney Jeff Frankel; and Cowell is represented by WME and attorney Sam Fischer.Now Cody – who loathes the label of a “stripper turned blogger turned screenwriter” (more the latter than the first) – first spoke in our interview with modesty and irony. I really based her on myself as a teenager, but Juno is way cooler than me.She gave props to her Juno persona with relative awe. I didn’t always have the ready response,” Cody said absolutely with ready response.“The character is semi-autobiographical even though the story’s not. She added: “I was a lot more emotional and immature.She’s a very brave, articulate young lady.” Without needing to be prompted, Page was eager to illuminate her love for her character: “She definitely hides behind that – behind her sarcastic wit.The whole point of being an actor is learning to just be the person you’re supposed to portray.

Cody is the creator of Showtime’s “The United States of Tara” and writer behind films including “Ricki and the Flash,” “Young Adult,” and “Jennifer’s Body.” She won the Academy Award for best original screenplay in 2008 for her film “Juno,” starring Ellen Page and directed by Jason Reitman.Fed up with a dull copy-typist job at an ad agency, she decided to give the finger to her middle-class, suburban, Catholic-school upbringing and get naked.She spent a year strutting for tips and gawking at the seedy suckers waving their dollar bills, though while her colleagues were undulating around the stage like drugged eels, she punctuated her routines with screeching ninja kicks. I wanted to maintain some anonymity so I didn’t get f—ing killed.” Nothing about this 29-year-old woman, who changes the color of her hair every week and likes to wear a ”broke-ass weave,” is boring, and neither is the story behind her name: On a road trip out west with her graphic-designer husband, Jonny — whom she met on the Internet and married on the ship at the Las Vegas Hilton, surrounded by aliens — they passed through Cody, Wyo., while listening over and over to ”El Diablo” by the Duran Duran side project Arcadia.A lightbulb came on and Page volunteered: “It’s weird.He’s similar to a very good friend of mine.” Cody knew who and had met him.

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