Matthew mcconaughey and penelope cruz dating

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Little did she know how well this would prepare her for life on the road with her future husband, the Texan actor Matthew Mc Conaughey, who this year won his first Oscar.

‘We used to live in an Airstream [trailer] when we first met,’ she recalls.

By comparison, the Mc Conaughey marriage seems very laid-back.I’m really trying to go back for it.’ Alves has to balance the demands of her children with those of her company, which means that modelling has taken a back seat for the time being.For the past nine years she and her mother have built up Muxo, a successful line of modestly priced handbags sold on the shopping channel QVC.She worked menial jobs to make ends meet while she learned English.‘I was cleaning houses, working in restaurants, all that kind of stuff,’ she says.

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