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Talk to each other about your expectations for the break.Some people choose to cut off communication completely, while others might want to check in with each other during the break.Whatever it is, they can’t do it while in a relationship, so they need some time.” – Monica, Washington University Clearly, the meaning of taking a break varies from couple to couple, and there is no one “true” definition.“Taking a break means agreeing that you will not see each other for a specified, or even unspecified, period of time,” says Coleman.Liset was raised in Panama but now calls Florida home.

“I wanted to see other people so I could be sure that my relationship with my boyfriend was everything I thought it was.As we all know, relationships aren’t always cut and dry.Sometimes, couples need time apart to reconsider the relationship.Whether it be studying abroad, an internship in another city, a service trip, etc., extended time apart puts a huge strain on not only your relationship, but also on each of you as individuals.It might be a good time to take a break if only to fully take advantage of whatever you are doing during that time apart.

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