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Mike—spoiler—returns to stripping after his girlfriend rejects his engagement ring.

Where Magic Mike brought us clear-eyed realism and was, therefore, a bit of a bummer—the strippers were all broke and past their prime and the steroid and drug abuse was rampant—Magic Mike XXL actively tries to bring the party. Here’s the set up: Dallas has moved overseas and the boys want one last hurrah before going their separate ways.

Now we have this sequel (directed by Soderbergh protégé Gregory Jacobs)—and it left me with a bit of cognitive dissonance.

For starters, two of the main players are gone—Matthew Mc Conaughey’s sleazy club owner Dallas and Alex Pettyfer’s misguided “The Kid”— and all the supporting players have been promoted to lead roles.

offers a hint about its politics—yes, it has politics—during the first and perhaps only real moment of conflict in the entire film.

It happens when Channing Tatum’s Mike suggests to his roadstripping buddies that they retire their sexy-fireman routine and come up with something new.

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