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Jack was loyal and Jason trusted him with his life.They other three had been hand picked by Jack and they all had a somewhat shady past.Jack his first mate was an old hand and a brute of a man.Jason had hired him eight years ago fresh out of prison.Ben here will take care of you but I'll be watching you." "Now move it." Jack snapped.Linda was somewhat confused but started walking toward the shower, she had been sure they would rape her but now they wanted her to shower.She was still dressed in the clothes she had worn when Jason had abducted on her way home from work.

She quickly got her shoes off and pulled down her jeans.See this, he held up a thick cattle prod to Linda's face.The first time you don't obey, I'll put it on your nipple, the second time I'll increase the current on your other nipple and the third time it goes on your clit at full power. It won't kill you but it will feel like you have been stung by a swarm of bee's and you'll be dancing around for quite a bit. "Bastard." Linda screamed but made no effort to strip.They where perfect for the type of cargo Jason carried.As the yacht made its way, Jason turned to Jack and said.

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