Tetraplegic dating

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Instead, the problem begins in the brain or spinal cord, and occasionally in both.The is charged with sending signals to and from the brain, while the brain processes and interprets these signals.Quadriplegia can cause a number of complications including; Quadriplegia treatment is catered to the specific needs of each patient and often depends on the nature and severity of a person's condition. Treatment generally addresses a patient's loss of functioning and feeling in certain areas of the body, loss or impairments in organ functioning Today, spinal cord injury treatment focuses on preventing further injury and enabling people with a spinal cord injury to return to an active and productive life within the limits of their disability.

Quadriplegia is an unpredictable condition that can change over time.

As the swelling at the site of the injury goes down, some function may return. Surgery and other treatments can help, particularly if the surgeon is able to remove something that is compressing the spinal cord or impeding the brain's function.

Any injury high in the spinal cord or that affects multiple regions in the brain can lead to paralysis in all four limbs.

Thus a spinal cord injury prevents the brain from sending an receiving these signals, while a Injuries that cause quadriplegia are unpredictable, since numerous complex structures are often involved.

The delicate nature of the brain and spinal cord means there much we still don't understand about these organs.

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