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t e d again to the national organization, Phi « ill noi be able tohavi nlcohol in theii pcrma neni tructure rhis will mean they may have to use si :ofthctccl |ui lusedbj Sewai n ik-s mjc I g alternative loc itions orco-l whci hosting events involving alcohol Whili uent and adaptation will bi .omcthin will have to deal with, lh, i .

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two days before the one-year anniver- sary ol the event that tri\ ialized ihe value of human life. i \ learned to identify a ith the \ ic urns who sun ived the hi. Thousands i iki Vven \ Pholo by Nelson Rockwood Post-discussion talk at the Women's Center First Pinnacle Luncheon is a Huge Success Eliza Colson Guest Writer Ti he women's center began theii pinnacle luncheon series lasi Tues- da) withfoui Sewanee students dis- *.

Katherine Avery a S( wane Auditorium, everyone listened intensi is whfle u ioai up the images ol thi volunteers firefighters .uulpo- licemen who refused to i the devastation that befell Ameiu.i following the terror- isi attai i s I this ti i the triumph ol goodwill emu September nth traged) stated 'al- lowed ordinar) people to do exiraordinarythings " rhese people, including Avers were themselves remade and trans- formed by theii experiences in New York No longer remote citizens living in theii ownroi- crocosm, the) became apart ol the whole nation i"he worked together, championing the right of others to feel secure in America in essence they be- Came heroes 1 Ol Joe Brad- lev. i " i whom thought hewasthe ncphi Chid Par- rot thi but I loci g U) tell them thai I tn the authot ol the po- I otter . one in Si die) and the othi i in [let i rem n ident who Uvea inadormitor) ma) . domain n gard J they keep ii I ratemitiea evei ma) still keep dogs in theii bousei imi iiu. Hiii mo I undei in, ol .i house resident \Iso Hen has finall) followed suit b tablishing an iniurance law, so mal -..insurani . ussing their international experi Ever) othei » eek .

Well witchcraft can also be called as a ritual and was performed from the time of ancient unan or Egypt, as in those days there was lots of jealousy people were making each other their slaves and this science of whichcraft was then invented, remember witchcraft should be used only for good purpose and not for evil purpose, as remember you can not go against nature, like when we need some thing we pray to get similarly we can make use of witchcraft to achieve what we want but for good and not for evil, like destroying any one or hurting any one, as remember this may even harm yourself as you cannot do any thing without proper knowledge.

What is witchcraft, how this is done, what it is all about, how to do it, there are so many questions and still people are confused and want to know more and more about it Athame, Chalice, Cauldron, Broom, Incense Burner, Wand, Broom, Staff and Swords are the most important witchcraft tools.

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