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May be you've got a rare (or older) album that can't be match to an image.If it isn't available in the online resources that WMP 12 uses, then it will likely come up with a best match or even empty handed.This may take a while if you have a lot of missing album art (like the screenshot below): Filling in missing album art is one of the easiest ways to make i Tunes more attractive, especially in album cover view or when you bring music to your i Pod or i Phone.Compare the top picture, where missing art has been filled in, with this one: Which would you rather look at?This tip is especially cool to combine with the i Tunes Album Art Mini-Player, which is built into i Tunes 10 and sits on your desktop. Just thought I'd see of anyone here can help me with an issue I've been having recently with my itunes. In this example, both the album and the artist are unknown.

If the search will return no results, you will have to update the existing information and include what you know about it.This can include details such as music genre, publisher, year of publishing, album art, etc.How to add album art For each album in your music library, Windows Media Player shows the available album art.In this tutorial we will try to cover both topics as good as possible.How to update album information First, start Windows Media Player and navigate to the albums that don't have all the necessary information.

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