What is the purpose of consolidating and codifying legislation definition of players dating

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Certain legislation will be more relevant to particular types of bodies or individuals and, where it is, the needs of those particular users should have more weight.Doing so may allow drafters to assume a commonly held knowledge of the topic of the Bill and, in some cases, of the legal rules which underpin it.

It is a common misunderstanding that plain language drafters prefer to legislate in general principles rather than by elaborate detail.The increasing involvement of lobby groups and interested individuals, during both pre-legislative consultation and parliamentary scrutiny, means that a drafter may also have cause to consider the needs of those likely to participate in the legislative process when deciding the form and content of a Bill.It is the practitioners in the field regulated by a Bill who will read and use it once it becomes an Act.Some laws are unlikely ever to face challenge in a court and will have most practical impact on practitioners in a field or on those who are required to administer.The people administering legislation or seeking to operate in accordance with it may include such diverse groups as the police, health inspectors, planning officers, school inspectors, trade unionists and company directors.

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