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Early Wo W raid groups consisted of 40, 25 or 10 people.Managing a guild or a raid meant that you have to coordinate dozens of people remotely.World of Warcraft taught me organizing teams and work flows.I learned value able management lessons while playing a game for fun & risk free.This included not only regular training sessions but also mastering the game mechanics.It’s called Theorycraft, and requires a lot of research plus trial and error.For me it was less casual playing, but more mastering the mechanics of the game to become a successful competitive online player. I started playing World of Warcraft when it launched in 2004.

Blizzard has always been one of my biggest inspirations and online gaming brought me into the web design community, where Blizzard has been on the forefront of creating stunning online experiences.It all started with the need of building the website for my own counterstrike clan in 1999 and continued even further when building websites for my Wo W guild in 2004.Without Wo W or Counterstrike I would have never gotten into interface design or web design — I’ve been a self-taught designer since then and I largely have to credit the gaming community for introducing me to the craft of design and user experience.The big challenge being most of them I never met in person plus dealing with a wide range of different characters, from the 15 year old extrovert, to the 40 year old introvert — In gaming you have them all.Planning of raids involved setting up communication tools such as online forums, IRC channels and Teamspeak.

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